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Chinolite technology

  • High Color Rendering Index

    High Color Rendering Index provides natural colors similar to sunlight enhance productivity....

  • Color Temperature

    Our products can provide a variety of color temperature from 2800K to 6500K

  • Light and Compact

    Chinolite LED Lamp Weight Only 1/3 the weight of Market LED Lamp.

  • Products Size

    Our patented thermal module design save up to 70% volume compare with the market products.

In-house Testing Apparatuses

  • ? Light source analysis system
  • ? High voltage tester
  • ? ROHS tester
  • ? Illuminance tester
  • ? Ground resistance tester
  • ? Fan PWM tester
  • ? Leakage current tester
  • ? Anti-static tester
  • ? Plastic fusible liquidity-radio tester
  • ? Insulation resistance tester
  • ? Ingression protection tester
  • ? 2D projection measurement tester
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