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Chinolite is a pioneer brand in providing high power outdoor LED lighting products and system. It is owned by NTK (Hong Kong) Electronic Technology Limited, which is a subsidiary of NTK Holdings. NTK was found in 1988 and has since then established itself as a leading thermal solution provider in the semiconductor industry.

Chinolite enhances and applies the advanced thermal management technology inherited in designing and producing high power LED fixtures and solutions for own brand and OEM partners. It had operations in the People of Republic of China, Honk Kong, Taiwan and Canada.

As a subsidiary of NTK Holdings Limited, we are supported by the professional engineering team of thermal solution on semi-conductor, which are the key successful criteria of a perfect solution of all LED appliances.

Chinolite is dedicated to providing creative lighting solutions for commercial, industrial and office use for both public and private applications. All of our products are energy efficient, environmentally responsible and cost effective using Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology and continues to develop and design LED technologies to provide cost effective, safe durable solutions for our clients' lighting needs.

NTK established in Shenzhen, China in 1988, is a well-known manufacturing company dealing with IC socket production. It has good reputation with high quality and excellent service in computer and electronics industry. With new factory set up in Guangzhou, China in 1998, NTK enjoys more convenience in transportation and takes costing

advantage.Nowadays, NTK has expanded product variety to a wide range of precision connectors, cable assembles, digital and thermal solution products, serving hundreds of customers all over the world. Apart from standard products, NTK designs and produces tailor-made products per customer's requirements with advanced technology.

NTK always pursues higher quality, more advanced technology and other value-added service to meet or even exceed customer's requirements. Equipped with automatic production line and advanced electrical testing laboratory, NTK could provide high-quality products. Besides, strong research & development capability in NTK ensures total thermal solution to customers. In addition, several sales offices have been set up in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and North America, providing good customer support and service as well as wide sales network.

NTK will always insist on the principle of “higher-quality products, first-class service and dedication to each customer" and is willing to cooperate sincerely with all companies with innovative ideals to prosperity.

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